industrial jobs

14 Signs Your Company Needs to Hire Better for Industrial Jobs

industrial jobs

If These Sound Familiar, You Must Act Now

How’s your hiring going for industrial jobs? We don’t mean simply filling vacancies with applicants. Your competition will know there’s a lot more to it than simply filling the void. How do you know if you need to hire better?

Deloitte has identified that a skills shortage could leave 2.1 million jobs unfilled by 2030. You know a hole in your team is costly, and with finding the right talent becoming increasingly difficult, you make the mistake of settling for less quality people.

Here, we outline the signs that are trying to tell you that you must recruit the best talent for your industrial jobs, to maximize your company’s competitive edge and growth.

1.    Declining Customer Service Scores

Talent demands skills and knowledge of the products and services you offer. When you scrimp on these elements, your clients become the victims. Quality declines, as does your company’s ability to redeem itself. The result is poor deliverance, a negative reputation, and damaged morale.

2.    Innovation Has Slowed

To excel in the industrial industry, you must do more than survive. But your team are lackluster in their contributions. You’re falling behind your competitors, as they surge ahead with innovative solutions and results.

3.    Productivity Is Falling

As your team feel the burden of pressure to improve, they become less engaged, and ultimately less productive.

4.    You Don’t Have Natural Leaders Coming Through the Ranks

Your talent pipeline is crucial to business progression. But with a lack of hard and soft skills to work with, you aren’t getting the leadership roles filtering through.

5.    Performance Bonuses Are Down

Declining bonuses are a clear sign the business is not achieving what it needs to. This, unfortunately, ricochets back into the performance of a demotivated team.

6.    Managers Shun New Projects

Your leadership team have strategized for a new project, but none of your managers want to know. The buck is passed from one to another. Is it their teams that are lacking, or the managers themselves?

7.    Employee Morale Is Low

Including your most talented workers. You’re at risk of losing them, as they battle to compensate for the lack of skills amongst them.

8.    Your Overtime Bill Is Increasing to Get the Same Work Done

With a deadline approaching, you throw money at overtime pay to satisfy clients – leaving your team overworked, and your finances increasingly strained.

9.    Your Existing Employees Need Constant Guidance

Supervision is critical, but costs money. And with a poorly skilled workforce, your more talented candidates are constantly taken away from what they’re best at – and what you employed them to do.

10. You Are Turning Down Work Because You Don’t Have the Specific Skills Needed

The skills required for a deadline aren’t in-house, and finances won’t allow the cost to employ the talent you need. You must turn the work away when your company needs it most.

11. Your Customers Are Telling You That You Need More Staff

Your customers are good eyes on your company’s quality and performance, and they’re pinning the blame on a lack of staff.

12. Deadlines Are Being Missed

With all the extra supervision, reduced productivity, and low morale of burned-out staff, the mechanisms of your industrial workforce are slowing. Deadlines are being missed.

13. Scaling Up to Meet Demand Is Impossible

A vision of growth and scaling up is moving further into the distance, as you battle to cope with current work.

14. You Hire to Fill Positions, Not to Expand Capability

In a desperate bid to boost momentum and manpower, you hire simply to fill open vacancies, instead of hiring to expand on skills, quality, and performance.

Your Staffing Solution for Right Now, and the Future

This article made us sweat just writing it – because we know it’s happening to many companies. And many of them come to us – because we can provide a solution to it all.

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