7 Tips to Prepare for an Interview in 2023

7 Tips to Prepare for an Interview in 2023


Ever feel regretful after a job interview for not doing your best when it mattered the most? You’re not alone. Many people emerge from interviews wishing they’d been better prepared. The silver lining is the realization that they can ace their next interview with the right game plan. And that means putting together the responses explained in these key interview tips.

Meet expectations at your next interview

Hiring managers will check for your ability to perform in the role by evaluating your experience, knowledge, and disposition. And they will catch a glimpse of the qualities they require (or a lack thereof) at the interview. Preparing for the common questions posed and radiating a positive attitude will increase your chance of success.


1. Know your potential employer

You should do this for yourself first to be sure you want to work for the company. It will build your motivation to put your best foot forward. You will feel more confident and self-assured at your interview. And your interviewer will get a positive impression of your desire to work for them.


2. Tell a great story

One of the most effective interview tips is to narrate a professional story/anecdote that convinces the interviewer of your ability to perform in the role. The STAR method is a widely used story structure for interviews.


S– State the situation

T– Describe your responsibility in that situation

A– Express the steps you took in the situation

R– Explain the results your actions helped achieve


3. Demonstrate your knowledge

Highlighting the skills you gained shows your willingness to learn. It is a positive indicator of your attitude and ability to adopt new software and company practices. This industry-agnostic tip is worth remembering whether you’re going through a technical staffing firm or seeking a permanent position. Make a list of the skills you acquired in your last job and prepare statements on how you can apply them in the role you’re interviewing for.


4. Show enthusiasm

A simple yet powerful interview tip is to act like you’re interested in working for the company! While the common advice is to answer calmly and professionally, showing a lively interest will give positive cues about your likelihood of engaging with your job.

5. Have cross-functional skills? Be sure to get them in at the start of the interview.

The past decade has been marked by a strong shift towards cross-functional work to meet overarching business goals. If you’ve been on one-off/ad-hoc projects involving people from different areas of your organization, make it known as soon as possible, particularly if the role emphasizes ‘collaboration’, ‘managing people’, ‘developing workflow charts’, and such.


6. Show your passion

Have a blog? Use your professional skills for pro-bono/community projects. Demonstrate your passion by speaking briefly about your interests outside of work but also connecting to your professional skills in some way. It will make you stand apart in a competitive field of other candidates applying for the same position on job boards and via technical staffing agencies.


7. Prepare questions for the interviewer

It is customary for the hiring manager to ask the candidate whether they have any questions about the company or job. This is an opportunity to show your desire and motivation to work for the company. You could, for example, inquire about the software or tools the company uses, team-building activities, or anything else that you haven’t already discussed during the interview. Bringing along a notepad will make it easier to ask for anything that has been left off.


An excellent resume increases the chances of getting an interview. Contact the Everest Recruiting team right away today to find your next big opportunity.

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