Matthew Kolinski, CEO

Matthew Kolinski is an accomplished entrepreneur, physician, author, and speaker. He first became interested in staffing while he was in college, writing resumes for friends. Fascinated by the idea of helping people find better jobs, Kolinski caught the entrepreneurial bug and started his first recruiting company in 2006, while still in medical school. While Kolinski recently retired from medicine to go “all in” on business, his experience as a physician still serves him well – about one-third of his company’s client base is in medical staffing. Now as the CEO and Founder of Staffing Management Group, Kolinski oversees a suite of brands that serve clients nationwide, which include brands that focus on Executive Search, General Staffing, and On-site staffing. His largest operation was started in 2010 called USA Staffing Services, a nationwide staffing company that utilizes a partner network to provide top-level customer service to end-customers. Having helped or mentored over 1,000 entrepreneurs since 2010, Kolinski truly enjoys pouring into those who are hungry to grow their business. He is also proud of Staffing Management Group’s first acquisition in 2021 and the successful integration of the businesses, as well as some exciting investments in blockchain technology that will make it easier for recruiters to connect and work together. Just like his college days, Kolinski still enjoys helping people find jobs that bring fulfillment. He recently published his first book, Work-Passion-Life Balance: Finding Fulfillment Through Zones of Efficiency, which offers practical guidance on how to integrate your passions into an optimal blend of work and life that brings energy and fulfillment. Grateful to have found his own balance of work, life, and passion, Kolinski reflects, “I love what I do because I get to help entrepreneurs in the staffing and recruiting space fulfill their dreams.”