Are Contract-To-Hire Industrial Jobs Perfect for All Employers?

The Win/Win Door of Opportunities

Contract-to-hire industrial jobs are an increasingly common way for employers to recruit new industrial staff. In a very recent study conducted by the NPR/Marist poll, it was found that one in five Americans today are in a contract-to-hire role. In 10 years, it’s believed half the population will be working as contract hires and freelance.

For employees, taking a contract-to-hire job can be a faster route to permanent employment, helps to keep skills updated, and ensures good cashflow needed to maintain their lifestyle.

What are the benefits for employers? Contract-to-hire jobs are ideal for many candidates, but are they right for your company?

By understanding the benefits that they offer to hiring companies, you’ll be better placed to decide if contract-to-hire jobs are a good fit for your recruitment strategy.

Faster Hiring

The hiring process can be extremely time-consuming. You must review applications, undertake pre-interview checks, and then coordinate interviews with availability of hiring managers and candidates.

Using a staffing agency to deliver contract-to-hire talent for your industrial jobs eliminates much of this demanding process. You get the candidate you need much sooner.

Try Before You Buy

What if, after the lengthy hiring process, the candidate you select turns out to be a poor fit for your team? All the investment, effort, and energy wasted, and you must start again.

A contract-to-hire employee allows you to try before you buy. The contract period is a trial run during which you can test the hire for skills and cultural fit.

Balance Your Staffing Needs

Especially in the current economic environment, it is difficult to plan for the right level of staff. Overstaffing is expensive and wasteful. Understaffing will leave you short of capacity when you need it most.

Contract staffing in industrial jobs allows you to be agile with your staff numbers and flex for staffing as demand dictates.

Better for Your Budget

If you are working with budgetary constraints, contract-to-hire recruits enable you to work a permanent member of staff into your budget. You pay only for hours worked rather than a fixed salary – and that gives you greater flexibility of budget.

You Don’t Pay for Benefits

A large part of the costs of hiring permanent employees is hidden in providing expensive benefits. These range from healthcare plans to retirement benefits.

As well as usually only paying for the hours a contract-to-hire employee works, you won’t pay for the benefits they might expect until (and if) you make them a permanent member of your staff.

You Fill Skills Gaps When Required

If you have specific project work that requires certain skills that your current employees don’t possess, a contract hire can provide these skills quickly and as you demand them.

This is more cost-effective than hiring a permanent employee, specifically for those short-term skills needs, and provides you with the opportunity to test the hire for other skills that you need more permanently.

Why Use a Staffing Agency to Fill Contract-To-Hire Industrial Jobs?

As you can see, there are many benefits to be gained from employing contract-to-hire candidates. The best way to access these is to use a staffing agency to help with your recruitment strategy.

By developing a relationship with a staffing agency, they will understand your organization and its culture. This will help to find ideal fits who are more likely to be aligned with your longer-term goals.

A staffing agency that specializes in contract-to-hire placements is likely to have a broader and deeper pool of talent for you to choose from, and many pay their contract people the benefits that they miss while working on contract placements – meaning candidates aren’t disadvantaged.

For most employers, contract-to-hire means you can fill staffing voids much quicker, at lower costs, and test candidates for their suitability as permanent employees.

If you are considering your staffing options, contact Everest Recruitment today. We’ll be happy to explain the pros and cons of all recruitment strategies available to you.