hiring process

Do You Know Your Client’s Hiring Process?

hiring process

How to Fill Your Senior Positions with Talent

The hiring process is crucial for the success of your business.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates a bad hire can cost up to 30% of the employee’s potential first-year earnings. At senior-level salary, this is highly damaging financially. But there are many other harmful consequences that all stem from a poor hiring process.

Here, we outline how you must execute a hiring process to locate the talent you need for the success of your senior roles and business.

What It Costs to Get It Wrong

Additionally, to the financial costs we’ve mentioned, a poor-fitting senior role can result in:

  • Lower employee morale
  • High attrition rates
  • Lower productivity
  • Poor decision-making
  • Missed opportunities
  • Public embarrassment
  • Loss of shareholder value
  • Litigation

Hiring the wrong person for a senior position can have significant consequences, and even create opportunities for other companies.

The Correct Way to Hire Senior Positions

Here’s how you should be ensuring your hiring process locates, attracts, and onboards the best people to lead your business.

1.     Identify the Need

Your business is only as good as the people it employs. As such, it is critical for you to continually invest in hiring. Waiting for a role to become vacant is a mistake. You must continuously focus on career progression and recruiting expertise, to ensure voids are filled not just promptly, but with quality.

Identify who it is you need in your business, and take regular inventory of potential newly created positions, too.

2.     Clarify Key Responsibilities

The ideal recruit should be able to produce now, as well as adapt to your company’s future. You must identify the immediate key responsibilities from your senior role, and what you expect from them in the long term. Clarification on this will help your hiring team target the right skills, and for candidates to understand the role before applying.

3.     Getting the Job Description Right

Never overlook the importance of getting your job description right to attract the most talented for your senior roles:

  • Be clear on key responsibilities and duties
  • Clarify updated essential skills, qualifications, and experience, without disqualifying exceptional talent
  • Describe what kind of personality you are looking for
  • Promote the reasons the most talented senior staff come to you, including:
  • company culture and vision
  • career progression
  • high-end salary
  • perks and benefits

Give the right knowledge to the most talented candidates, paint a picture of an exciting and rewarding future with your company, and clarify the criteria for your hiring team to follow.

4.     Sourcing Great Candidates

Posting an ad on a mainstream jobs board is not the way to source great candidates. You risk flooding your hiring process with sub-standard candidates. Instead, refine your target audience through:

  • Nurturing your talent pool
  • Investing in a talent pipeline
  • Making committed social media efforts
  • Marketing your employer brand
  • Reviewing your mission statement and company goals
  • Onboarding with a specialist recruiter
  • Attending jobs fairs and events

Partnering with a specialist recruiter is highly beneficial to a hiring process, as they incorporate all the committed strategies you need to detect and hire the most talented senior staff.

5.     Vetting

Vetting prevents seemingly perfect candidates causing costly hiring mistakes. You must conduct rigorous background, personality, and criminal checks to ensure that who you think is a great fit will likely benefit your business and not damage it.

6.     Interviewing

You’ve filtered down those who are technically qualified. Now it’s down to personality and soft skills that will drive their own progression and that of the business and their teams.

Identify which soft skills you need your senior staff to demonstrate. Ensure the interview is designed to unveil skills that candidates must have, and that your interviewers are able to uncover these skills.

7.     Communicating

Throughout the process, it’s the interaction in between that could make all the difference to your favored candidate. Leave them in the dark and they could walk away to your competitors. Take time to communicate from beginning to end.

Let the Specialists Perfect Your Hiring Process

An effective hiring process is a mammoth task. If you don’t do it well, you’re putting your business at risk. Yet, doing it well takes time, commitment, funds, and resources.

How do we make all this easier? Contact Everest Recruitment and discover how we provide the immediate and long-term staffing solution your business needs. Let us show you our expert processes and talented candidates, and how we can provide the dedication and focus to bring your perfect senior candidate to your company. We take time to understand your needs, and it is our partnership with you that drives successful long-term hires into your business.