Recruiting As A Service (RaaS)

Recruiting as a service offers (RaaS) an extension to your recruiting team, expanding the bandwidth of candidates and offloading the function of the front-end recruitment cycle.  This option is offered as an alternative solution delivering high volume candidates.

As an organization begins to scale up and grow to allow the company to focus on the core competencies such as employee retention and programs to develop exiting roles in the company.  RaaS is a unique option, that decreases the expense of traditional hiring through agencies, but still offers the solution that meets your budget.

Pricing Is Customized To Meet Your Budget.

$1800.00 Unlimited Hires, Multiple Openings

$2300.00 1-10 Positions

$2000.00 10-20 Positions

$1500.00 (1-5 Positions)

$1800.00 (6-10 Positions)

$ 2100.00 (11-20 Positions)

Any role filled over; 20 positions/openings will be a flat fee based on salary ranges.

  • Entry-Level Positions

  • Mid-Management

  • Senior Management

  • Highest Positions

All invoices are due upon receipt billed on the start date, and permanent placement roles have a 45-day replacement guarantee.

Dedicated Customer/Candidate Liaison

Monthly / Weekly Reporting

Market Level Salary Knowledge/Advisement

Flexible Recruiting Options


Reduce Recruiting Monthly Spend

Dedicated Resources That Understand Your Business

Candidates Not applicants

Scalable Solutions

Reduced Candidate Submission Time

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