How to Land the Best Jobs in Manufacturing in California

7 Steps to Fast-Track Your Manufacturing Career Progression

Finding great jobs in manufacturing is getting harder. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that there seems to be fewer available, and COVID-19 has certainly not helped.

California is famous for its manufacturing, particularly in the electrical equipment, components, and military communications fields. It is also known for computer machinery, food product processing, audio/videotape, lighting equipment, and telephone equipment.

Manufacturing jobs are under constant pressure due to the advance in tech, more automation, and lower production costs offshore. In 2020, based on a survey by the Economic Policy Institute, the Los Angeles Times reported that ‘California lost more manufacturing jobs to China than any other state’.

Of course, there are still enjoyable and highly rewarding jobs in manufacturing available. Here is how you get one.

You’re Only Seven Steps Away from Your Perfect Manufacturing Job

Jobs in manufacturing are pretty special. You get to contribute to the economy, chose from a range of sectors, and be on the cutting edge of technology all in a day’s work. Here are our seven tips on landing your ideal manufacturing role:

1.     Identify and Understand Your Skillset

What can you bring to the business? Key attributes for manufacturing include attention to detail, critical thinking, and great communication. Manufacturers need dependable and adaptable employees who can be cross-trained. Having a keen interest and aptitude for ever-changing technology is a must. Employers want to see your dedication and passion for keeping manufacturing alive in the US.

2.     Know Your Objectives

Knowing your objectives will make it easier for you to combine your skills with the right employer. Consider the industry you are best suited to and what you are passionate about. Which part of the process suits you? For example:

  • Materials
  • Flow and documentation
  • Mathematics andassembly
  • Creativity in food
  • Tooling and maintenance

Robotics is an area that is growing, helping to reduce repetitive work, and those with strong capability in technology and IT are also highly sought.

3.     Upgrade Your Resume

This is your opportunity to make a good first impression. Your resume should be concise, well-written, and free of errors. Make sure it is up to date and explains any employment breaks. Demonstrate a mix of hard, soft, and transferable skills. Show what you can contribute to the business and why you are a good fit.

4.     Approach Top Employers

A top employer is likely to offer you more job security in the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of manufacturing. Top employers will have excellent safety records, good employee retention, and great welfare conditions for staff. They recognize this not just a job for you, but a career – and will want to encourage your progress.

5.     Interview Like a Pro

Practice your interview technique with a friend or colleague. Study your resume so you can concisely demonstrate your knowledge and experience verbally. Be prepared to give examples of your soft and hard skills. Remember that an interview is a two-way process – research the company and ask questions, to find out if they a good fit for you. Many companies offer a workplace tour. Ask for one if it is not offered.

6.     Negotiate the Offer

Consider from the beginning why you want this job. The financial package is important, but it is not the only negotiation tool. Would you benefit from a more flexible timetable, help with childcare, or a better healthcare package? Is there a structured career pattern or bonus scheme that is negotiable? Be realistic with your wants. Sometimes small things like a shorter commute are well worth the change.

7.    Get the Help You Need

We recognize that to do all this on your own is a laborious and formidable job.

It takes time and experience to identify your key skills and assets, let alone match them to what the employer wants. What to include and exclude from your resume is a challenge. As for the interview and the negotiation stage, unless you are a practiced serial job hopper you might need some advice here.

Get Help from a Specialist in Manufacturing Jobs

Everest Recruitment are manufacturing staffing specialists. Our job is to match you with the right role and the best employer. Unlike some recruiters, we don’t just match you on paper. We attend to details like the company culture and your working style, aiming for high compatibility.

We are with you every step of the way, offering skills matching, professional resume rewriting, and interview preparation coaching to all our candidates. We will even help with those tricky negotiations when you get that great job offer.

Securing great jobs in manufacturing for jobseekers is what we do best.

Contact Everest Recruitment now. Let’s get your career progression on track.