How to Overcome Job Rejections

Gutted because you didn’t get the job you wanted badly? If you gave a good interview, it’s worth knowing where you could have done better. And if you can’t seem to catch a break, you want to go back to square one. Here are our tips on the best actions to take after unsuccessful attempts at a job change.

Request feedback

Take the time to learn from the experience. Ask the company for feedback to understand why you weren’t the right fit for the role. If the feedback seems general or shallow, don’t hesitate to request more detailed feedback. After all, you put a lot of effort into the process and deserve to have meaningful insights. If you went through an industrial staffing agency, ask them where you fell short and what you can do moving forward.

Reflect on the feedback

Thinking back on your performance throughout the process, where do you feel you could have excelled even more? Did you give yourself enough time for research and preparation for the presentation? Did you make an effort to build a friendly connection with those interviewing you? Did you emphasize your technical capabilities over your interpersonal skills? Did any questions leave you feeling like you could have responded differently? This information will help you present yourself more convincingly at your next interview.

Keep going or pivot

If you were disappointed at not being hired by the company you’d set your heart on, it’s not over! Keep working towards improving your skill set and apply again when positions open up. This is also a good time to consider whether you would prefer to be a cog in the wheel of a large organization or a large part of a small company. If you’d like to keep both options open, engage an industrial staffing agency to access more jobs you wouldn’t find on online job boards.

Do a deep dive

If you’re facing countless rejections, review and revise your resume and CV. Have a strong summary? Provided contextual details to inform the recruiter about the purpose of your work, scope of project, and what you accomplished? Included concise statements that begin with action words? Quantified your accomplishments/contributions? Showcase your skills and aptitude better to get your foot through the door. With our logistics staffing firm, you can have your resume reviewed and improved by industry experts.

Let it go

Hanging on to rejection will only make you feel more miserable. You have no control over a company’s decision. For example, you may have been great for the role but the company had already hired someone internally. Sometimes, you’ll have to be grateful you weren’t hired. You ticked most boxes but the hiring manager felt you wouldn’t fit in with the team. They did you a favor by sparing you an uncomfortable experience later on.

Stay positive

Job rejection can be difficult to accept, however, it’s important to remain professional and keep pushing forward. Every company has its own standards, so it’s normal to experience rejections in the job market. Don’t give up hope because there are many companies that will give you opportunities. You can connect with more of them through our industrial staffing agency. Contact us to understand how we can help you.

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