How Everest Gives Back

By working with Everest, you are helping to contribute to a greater cause.

Everest will contribute 50c per staffed employee a per week. In other words, for every 100 people staffed on any given week, we will contribute $50 to Grandma’s Cancer Research Charity.

About Grandma’s Cancer Research Charity

This cancer foundation was founded in 2015 by family and friends of Jo Annette Glover beloved mother, wife, grandmother, and friend.  Mrs. Glover lost her life to cancer in 2006 at the young age of 60.  She had the chance to spend quality time with her eldest grandson but did not get any time with her four others.  With these unfortunate circumstances we decided to put together a fund to help with cancer research and to directly help children fighting cancer.  We hope to help extend and save lives so people aren’t robbed of precious time together, especially in those important family relationships.  We accept donations on this website, promote fundraisers, and have put together a mountain bike racing team which races for donations.

So work with Everest and contribute through us or donate directly here.