How Will You Find Your Next Job in Hospitality?

More Hospitality Jobs, Bit More Competition, Too

As the economy starts to open with the success of the vaccine program, an increase in hospitality jobs looks promising.

In April 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment rate had fallen as low as 6%. March non-farm payrolls increased by 916,000. Welcome relief, and a clear sign of post-pandemic growth in our economy.

The BLS report also confirms that the leisure and hospitality industry is one of the leading sectors for employment growth. There couldn’t be a better time to kickstart that hospitality career.

Here we look at how to find that perfect role.

Five Steps to Securing a Great Hospitality Job

You may already be a seasoned worker in hospitality, with a career that has been put on hold because of COVID. Here’s how to get back on track now that jobs are being created.

1.     Apply Direct

Depending on the role, you can try the direct application approach. Many big hotel chains own several brands. They have dedicated career pages on their website where they advertise.

Research the best hospitality employers in your area. Think outside the box: don’t just stick to big hotel chains, consider other employers such as cruise ship companies, casinos, and sports companies. (Register with us, and we will help you find your ideal employers.)

2.     Hospitality Job Boards

Job boards are another place to search for your ideal job, but it can be a bit of a numbers game. Are your preferred employers advertising on the same job boards that you are searching? There are many online jobs boards, and they can be popular with job seekers – so popular, in fact, that your application could get lost among hundreds of others.

3.     LinkedIn

LinkedIn began as a social network, but boy has it changed. With a userbase of 740+ million people, it is now considered a social marketplace. So, what’s its commodity? You – the employee!

Put simply, LinkedIn makes its money from recruiters who pay a lot of money to access candidates – people like you looking to step up in their career.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is completely up to date and attractive. Demonstrate your experience and knowledge in the allocated sections. Fill in your career path accurately and link it to the companies you have already worked for. (We’re happy to give pointers to candidates whose resumes are on our system.)

4.     Friends and Family

Ask around your friends and family. Let people know you are interested in a career change. Many companies offer a referral scheme to existing staff – a reward for employees who recruit on their behalf. If your friend is happy with a company, you are likely to be a good fit too.

Use your social media to put the word out, and don’t be afraid to share your skills and background. Do, however, be mindful that your current employer is not on your ‘friends’ list if you do not wish them to know you are looking.

5.     Register with a Specialist Recruitment Agency

You may never have considered a specialist staffing agency before for hospitality jobs, but they are great for cutting down the legwork for you. We have well-established relationships with local employers and will know about jobs that may not be advertised elsewhere.

As a specialist in hospitality, Everest understands what your experience means to an employer. We recognize your transferable skills, get to know you, and market you accordingly – in roles with employers you will love working for.

Use a Specialist in Hospitality Jobs to Progress Your Career

At Everest Recruiting we specialize in hospitality jobs. We know the industry inside out, and we take the time to get to know you. We want to know about your qualities, experience, and ambition. And we are hungry to find you that dream job.

If we are not currently advertising your ideal role on our job search, don’t stress. Let us know all about your talents and skills, and we will become an invaluable partner in your job search. Consider us your own personal ‘brand ambassador’, making sure our employers know how fabulous you are.

We will communicate regularly with you throughout the process and offer guidance on resumes and interviews. Unearthing great hospitality jobs for dedicated people with talent is our vocation.

Submit your resume now. Let’s get on with your career together.