Multimedia Specialist

Everest Recruiting

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is the Department of the Navy (DON) component with primary responsibility for criminal , counterintelligence (CI) and counter Terrorism (CT) investigations and operations. 

The NCIS is looking to establish and protect the NCIS brand in the digital space.  They are looking to bring on 1 Communications Specialist and 1 Multimedia Specialist to assist with digital media services, including:
1. Graphic Design
2. Web Management Operations
3. Production of Material for official events/functions
4. Web Operations

Skills: Multimedia Specialist

Design and Publish

The Multimedia Specialist will design and publish graphic designs to support the production of external communication products. They will be responsible for independently designing materials for custom informational graphics, crime reduction campaigns, social media campaigns and additional related support. This position will work with the OSC Graphics Team to develop a web color and style palette for online media that is in line with existing NCIS branding.

Video Services

The Multimedia Specialist will be proficient in video services in order to support video and possible podcasting needs for products that will be published on the external website and social media platforms to the public audience. They will augment staff and work directly with agency content as well as knowledge managers to create and develop audiovisual products for external information products, content videos and career highlights.

Bachelors Degree or equivalent in Communications, Digital Media, Multimedia or related field

4-10 years of relevant experience and skills in conducting development and implementation of multi-platform digital campaigns, media outreach, and daily operations for the team.

· 4-10 years of relevant experience in designing and tailoring messaging and content strategies to the general public and special target audiences that involved a degree of complexity.

Skills should include:


· Understanding of Target Audience – Ability to identify and analyze target audience demographic, preferences, and behaviors relevant.

· Trend Analysis – Awareness of current and emerging trends in content consumption, technology, and design.

· Content Strategy Development – Proficiency in translating research findings into actionable insights to form content strategy development. Capability to align content themes, formats, and distribution channels with audience interests and demands.

· Cross-functional Collaboration – Effective in collaborating with cross-functional teams to integrate insights into content planning and execution. Communication skills to articulate findings, recommendations, and implications to stakeholders with varying levels of expertise.

· Technical System Understanding – Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro). Proficient in web design software and content management systems (such as the Armed Forces Public Information Management System).

Work Location: Quantico, VA