Machine Operator (2nd Shift) $11.55/hour

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Machine Operator (2nd Shift) $11.55/hour
Clermont, FL

Job Ref – 13752077

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This position is for our “2nd Shift” – Hours are from 2:45 pm – 11:15 am

The Molding Machine Operator operates molding machines, trims excess flash, assembles molds, boxes finished product and conducts final product inspections.

Essential Job Functions/Tasks:

  1. Loads and unloads cores and other inserts into molds.
  2. Conducts spin-offs and performs other basic functions to molded parts before packaging.
  3. Trims a variety of molded parts (using knife, clippers, or degaters).
  4. Sorts molded parts from automatic machines. Performs visual inspections of molded parts and uses appropriate measuring devices and gauges.
  5. Communicates the status of machines, supplies and parts with upcoming operators. Communicates any variances in quality or machine malfunctions to supervisor.
  6. Reads and understands routings and bills of material.
  7. Completes basic assembly functions such as packaging inserts and O-rings.
  8. Maintains a clean & safe work environment.

Other Job Functions:
Must be able to work overtime when required.
Performs other related tasks as assigned, some of which may become essential to the position.


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