Non-Clinical CNA/HHA Caregiver

Everest Recruiting

Non-Clinical CNA/HHA Caregiver
Clermont, Fl

Job Ref – 14161421

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Everest Recruiting is seeking experienced CNA and HHA in Lake County and Marion County.  Great opportunity!

Requirements to Be Listed On Registry 
• Completion of work authorization attestation statement; photo ID
• A high school diploma or G.E.D. preferred.
• Must be able to read and write English and have basic math skills
• Language and literacy skills are adequate to communication needs and requests of the Client.
• CNA or HHA with minimum of 5 years relevant experience and/or training caring for older adults or individuals living with a disability in acute, residential or community based care setting.
• Ability to successfully pass a competency examination
• Completion of a criminal background check, the scope of which shall be determined by Griswold or applicable regulation
• A minimum of 4 recent references (2 personal and 2 professional).
• Completion of communicable disease clearance.
• Demonstrate personal qualities including: compassion for the elderly; honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, adaptability and patience with those in need.
• Equipped with mobile phone, preferably equipped with GPS mapping functionality
• Regular computer, internet and email access, including the ability to open common file formats (.doc, xcel, .pdf)
• Reliable transportation to a Client’s home and/or a valid driver’s license if transportation/ accompaniment is required by the Client.
• Required Documentation
Essential Customary Duties and Responsibilities, if requested by client: 
• Carry out the plan of requested services developed by the Client.
• In cases requiring personal care – support to the Client in all requested activities-of-daily-living including bathing, preventive skin care, toileting, ambulation and transfers (total body weight or full assistance lifts require Client supply of mechanical lift), ambulation, active/participative-range-of-motion exercises, grooming, hand nail care, and mouth care.
• Remind Client to take his/ her medications, with periodic prompts. Never administer medications to client
• Companionship/sitter activities to include walking, reading, visiting, games, talking, etc.
• Independence training or safety supervision upon Client request.
• Homemaking support in the form of personal laundry, including sheets and towels, cleaning of bathroom, Client’s personal space, kitchen and light cleaning of general living areas, meal preparation, menu planning, shopping, errands, and transportation of Client to appointments.
• Report changes in the Client’s condition, or needs to the appropriate family member.
• Record and report activity logs/reports in a timely and accurate manner
• Arrive at work in accordance with the Client’s schedule, preferences and requests.
• Report to work with a clean, well-groomed appearance.
• Other duties as may be requested by client, if within Griswold’s Scope of Service.
Hours may vary. Caregiver controls availability. No guarantee of hours, days or type of work.
Arranged with client.


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