Production Associate

Everest Recruiting

Production Associate
San Marcos, California

Job Ref – 14342759

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Everest Recruiting is seeking experienced Production Associates in San Marcos, CA.  

Job Duties:

  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment at all times.  
  • Cleaning, maintaining, and organizing packaging material and equipment.
  • Changing product filters, cleaning tank lines & cleaning.
  • Changing product filters, cleaning tank lines, & cleaning production equipment.
  • Maintaining safety, quality, cleanliness, & production standard of Hocking International.
  • Assist with production line in plant.
  • Filling and packaging liquid and granular products.
  • Measure and pour ingredients.
  • Organizing and palletizing packaged products.
  • Turn valves to regulate flow of liquids or gas.
  • Feed or place items onto equipment for processing.
  • Place equipment on line for further processing.
  • Stack packaged product on pallets by hand.
  • Ensure conformance to specifications.
  • Pull damaged or ineffective equipment off the line.
  • Mark products for identification.
  • Remove product and machine attachments.
  • Read and interpret gauges.
  • Record data.
  • Load and unload processing equipment.  
  • Sweep, mop, and remove debris.
  • Scrap waste material from machine.
  • Take instructions from line leaders, supervisors, and managers
  • Any other duties assigned.


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