Security Officer (2nd & 3rd Shift)

Everest Recruiting

Security Officer (2nd & 3rd Shift)
San Marcos, CA

Job Ref – 13718762

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Everest Recruiting is seeking an experienced Security Office to ensure the safety of our manufacturing client and their staff.

3rd Shift Security Guard:

  1. Salary $16
  2. Requires CA Security License 

Here is the job description:

  1. Ensures that vehicle and foot traffic is business related and authorized.  Ensures the security and safety of company assets from an assigned security post.
  2. Conducts foot and vehicle patrols of Hunter Property ensuring that employees and facilities are safe and secure. Performs periodic rounds through buildings to ensure that all non-essential equipment is turned off if not required for use after business hours.   Ensures that perimeter doors are locked and buildings are secure after business hours. Responds to alarms and security related incidents.  Provides parking lot escort service as requested when available.
  3. Assists in monitoring company’s access control and CCTV systems. Reacts to alarms and suspicious activity, dispatching security personnel to the problem locations. 
  4. Acts as an emergency coordinator in the event of accidents, fire, power outage, bomb threat, or civil disorder/violence.  Makes 911 calls and notifies management and appropriate team members of emergency events.
  5. Provides first aid, CPR and portable defibrillator response services.
  6. Answers incoming telephone calls and transfers calls or relays messages to appropriate team members as necessary. 
  7. Maintains an electronic and written log of all security activities and unusual incidents. Maintains the Company’s lost and found function.
  8. Excellent customer service.

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