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Support Manager
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A Support Manager is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations with our Support Team and has the skill set of a Tier 3 Technician. They will be managing primarily Tier 1 and 2 Technicians but also serving as an escalation point for Tier 3 Technicians. The Support Manager is responsible for guiding and directing our Team environment towards continued success.

Day-to-day responsibilities

  • Generate and review reports on a daily basis to recognize trends, frequent issues, and prevent issues before they start.
  • Review and ensure tickets are accurate and comment on tickets daily.
  • Review customer phone calls with technicians on a regular basis for Quality Assurance.
  • Maintain familiarity with tickets currently opened with Vendors and Carriers.
  • Assist with employee reviews and continued employee development.
  • Provide continued training for our Tier 1-3 Technicians, using existing training material and by adding to our training material.
  • Serve as the primary escalation point from Tier 1-3 technicians, resolving some issues on your own and some issues with higher-tiered technicians.
  • Write internal and external documentation, and recommend updates to existing documentation.

Requirement for applicants

  • MUST possess a strong understanding and ability to troubleshoot SIP and RTP.
    • MUST be able to read SIP Call Traces or Packet Captures quickly and easily.
    • Experience working with the SIP RFC and related RFC’s is desired.
  • 3+ years of VoIP Experience in a Cloud Hosted environment.
    • Netsapiens Experience is a plus.
  • Must have experience working with Commercial Networks: WAN, LAN, DNS, UDP, TCP, VLAN, Subnetting, DHCP.
  • Must have experience working in Wireshark, Linux, and SQL and demonstrate a strong understanding of each.
  • Possess an understanding of APIs and the basics of programming.
  • Must possess the ability to solve complex issues while providing detailed information to our customers and our Engineering team with minimal guidance.
  • Previous experience as a higher-tiered Technician or Manager in a similar environment.
  • Previous work experience with automatic configuration of VoIP Phones such as Yealink, Polycom, Grandstream or Cisco.

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