Saluting America’s Essential Workers – A Heartfelt Thank You

As COVID-19 Continues, We Embrace You All

As we continue the war against COVID-19, we want to thank all the essential workers who have helped to keep America going. Despite the harshest of economies and the most dangerous environment that has beset the United States in its history, you have remained resolute, steadfast, and committed.

Hats off to Healthcare

Of course, workers in healthcare are the most obvious of essential workers. You have put yourselves on the frontline daily, fighting an unseen enemy in the best way you can. You have shown compassion, empathy, and unbelievable resourcefulness in circumstances that we never thought possible.

From housekeepers to hospital managers, via the caring arms of nurses, physicians, and those in mental health, you have all played your part.

But our thanks do not end with those warriors in healthcare.

Take a Bow – Our Public Services

We must also extend our thanks to all those in public services, at state and federal level. Our brave police, firefighters, and first responders. The teachers who have carried the can for educating our children. Those who work on the roads to ensure we can travel if, and when, allowed.

Without Transport and Distribution, What Are We?

To all those who work in transport and distribution, what would we have done without you?

You take us to where we need to go. You move goods to where we need them. You deliver our mail, our shopping, and the Amazon packages that have given all those furloughed a little something to look forward to.

The Unseen Heroes

Then there are the unseen heroes. Those who work behind the scenes to ensure we receive our goods and services. All those who work in factories across the nation. The warehouse workers and maintenance professionals up and down the land. We rarely see you, but we thank you.

Retail Workers – You deserve Our Praise, Too

Online shopping may have taken off, but let’s spare a thought for all those who work in retail. You, too, have played your part in this war.

You have put yourself in the firing line each time you have turned up for work. Those of you who work in grocery stores, food services, and general retail have continued to provide a lifeline to so many.

Undoubtedly, you also deserve our thanks.

To the Tech Professionals Who Connected Us All

One of the biggest changes brought about by COVID-19 was the rapid shift to new ways of working. The evolution to working from home was meant to take years. You made it possible in weeks.

You have kept people and companies connected. You have adapted technologies for use in multiple settings.

We are lucky to live in an age when connectivity has allowed us to connect, but without you behind it, the digital world may have collapsed around us.

An Ovation to the Volunteers

Finally, we must not forget the army of volunteers who have helped other people survive this pandemic.

Whether you have done your bit by delivering a bag of groceries to an elderly and frail neighbor, or are a community leader organizing larger-scale projects, you have done so selflessly. You, too, deserve our applause.

Let Us Never Forget Our Essential Workers

COVID-19 2020 was like a disaster movie of epic proportions. Now, with a new year under way, we are all among the cast of the sequel – COVID-19 2021.

Tens of millions of workers lost their jobs at the height of the pandemic. It’s not over yet. But there are signs that the tide is starting to turn.

America will bounce. The economy will recover. But without the foundation of millions of essential workers, we would not be in the position to come back fitter and stronger as a nation.

We will beat this, but we must never forget the debt of gratitude that we owe our essential workers. You have witnessed tremendous despair, sorrow, and heartbreak. You have all gone above and beyond the call of duty. You are the stars of this show.

Today, we thank you from socially distanced safety. But make no mistake, Everest Recruitment, and the entire nation, embraces you closer today than it ever has.