The Role of Social Media in Light Industrial Staffing

The Role of Social Media in Light Industrial Staffing

Turnover is a well-recognized problem for light industrial employers, who’re refining their hiring strategies to manage the ebbs and flows of open positions. Social media recruiting has gained steam for its cost-effectiveness and vast reach. It’s effective for any industry, including light industrial staffing. These tips will increase your chances of hiring quickly via social media.

Build an attractive company page

First off, identify the 2-3 social media networks you will focus on for your recruitment goals. LinkedIn is an obvious choice, but Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are ripe with opportunities.

Review your social media accounts. Do they do a good job of representing who you are? Do you have a quality profile picture and detailed company description? Are your social media pages active or was your last post in 2022?

Employers that post weekly on their social media pages see a twofold lift in engagement compared to those who post less regularly. Populate your pages with content (articles, videos and photos), spotlight employees, and invite profile connections to follow you. These efforts will increase engagement and create positive impressions about your company before prospective employees.

Create job postings

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow you to post jobs on their platforms. Their templates and rules on job ads are straightforward. Most light industrial staffing firms have embraced social media to source candidates.

Clearly indicate it’s a job ad. Include all important information about the job. Pare it down as much as possible to remove superfluous words or details. When you’re done, you should have a short, compelling job description. Go over the details again, checking whether you’ve added the right job title, location, and so on.

Showcase your brand voice in your job description. Highlight your company culture, particularly if you’re targeting Gen Z.

Involve employees

Request employees to share your job posts on their professional or personal social media accounts. Advise the use of hashtags to boost the reach of posts. They can be a mix of geographic hashtags like #dallasjobs, job titles like #chemicaloperatorjobs, and general ones like #jobs and #hiring.

Wondering whether employees will be willing to share anything about their employer on social media? Half of all employees share content about or from their employer on social networks, and 33% do it without prompting.

You can make it easier for employees to share your job postings by providing them with relevant copy and graphic. Posting what’s given to them will take only a few minutes.

Use social media to verify candidates

Light industrial staffing firms and employers agree that social media is an effective means to confirm candidates’ background, particularly in understanding how they conduct themselves. Make the most of the opportunity to check candidates’ profiles to spot red flags and determine whether they’re a good fit for your company’s culture.

There are differing opinions on whether social media screening of job candidates is discriminatory or not. Surveys suggest that employers’ hiring choices are based on making certain types of discoveries about candidates through their social media profiles. They include provocative information, drug usage, discriminatory comments on gender, race, or religion, criminal behavior, and lying about qualifications.

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