4 Warehouse Staffing Tips for 2023

4 Warehouse Staffing Tips for 2023

Warehouse managers spend too much time on recruitment, which affects their ability to improve warehouse productivity and customer satisfaction. If this sounds like you, it’s time to whip your warehouse staffing strategy into shape.

Offer a good pay

Recently, Amazon raised its front line workers’ average hourly pay to $19. As competition for warehouse staff heats up, pay and benefits will matter more in attracting top talent. A better financial proposition will also help in retaining warehouse employees.

If you cannot afford to raise wages, consider the prospect of offering retirement savings plans apart from a 401(k). It will benefit younger workers who cannot afford their employer’s match on contributions as they have immediate financial goals, such as paying the security deposit on a car. While a 401(k) is great, think of a plan that allows employees flexibility to contribute regularly to their 401(k).

Be upfront about the nature of the job

Potential warehouse employees understand the physical and mental demands of their job. But it’s your responsibility to clarify the extent and duration of physical labor, failing which you’re likely to make bad warehouse staffing decisions.

One way in which this lack of disclosure can affect hiring quality is by encouraging people that aren’t yet at the level of physical fitness required for the job. Warehouse workers are also expected to be good multi-taskers and problem-solvers. Hiring people that are deficient in these areas will make it difficult for you to set higher standards of performance. Furthermore, by setting job expectations right from the beginning, you will have an easier time retaining warehouse employees.

Clarify the requirements of the role in your job description to draw worthy applicants. Also, highlight them during interviews to increase the chances of placing the right people in the right roles.

Prioritize workforce diversity

A diverse workforce includes many different types of people. Bringing together people from different cultural backgrounds, genders, and ages offers a number of business benefits. A diverse workforce teems with more ideas, experiences, perspectives, and solutions to problems, strengthening your capacity for innovation and creativity.

Workplace diversity also benefits employees by giving them the opportunity to develop their cultural competence and learn from co-workers with experiences different from their own. It can also engender a positive brand reputation, attracting diverse talent and generating a diverse client base.

Make room for flexible schedules

Flexible working hours have become a reality in many roles and industries. While warehouse work adheres to strict timings, you can create different types of flexibility such as allowing employees to change shifts, compress their workweek (e.g. from 5 days/40 hours into four days and longer hours), or to choose when their workday starts and ends (flextime). When full-time staff time need time-off or you have to meet seasonal demand, a warehouse staffing firm can step in to help you address your requirements.

Everest Recruiting meets your hiring and staffing demands

Whether you need to hire full-time or seasonal warehouse staff, we’ve got you covered. Through our pre-employment screening, we’re able to find you qualified talent in the shortest possible time. Contact us for custom hiring and recruiting solutions.

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