Customer Service Excellence

We pride ourselves on top quality customer support and service excellence

We Are Great At What We Do

As a company, we take pride in looking after our clients and candidates. Our team works very hard to ensure our clients receive the best level of service throughout their experience with Everest.

We strive for excellence in everything we do. This includes presenting our clients with the best in class candidates, carefully chosen and screened as part of our industry-leading service.

Our Services

  • Permanent Direct Hire

    Oftentimes, our clients will adopt a “Direct Hire” methodology for a couple of reasons: 1) they are not pressed for time to fill the position immediately, therefore enabling them to wait for the perfect candidate, and 2) they have a well-defined position and truly understand all nuances of the opportunity’s duties, responsibilities, and requirements. Read More…

  • Contract-to-Hire

    In some situations, “Contract-to-Hire” (a hybrid of temporary and direct hire) is adopted so that employers and candidates may engage in a “courting” stage prior to engaging in a long term relationship. This enables an employer to ensure that a new hire is the correct and proper fit for the position they were desiring to fill, while the candidate may prove themselves to the organization over a short period of time while confirming the culture is a good fit for him or her. Read More…

  • Temporary

    Temporary employment can satisfy many needs by an employer, such as unforeseen workloads, seasonal needs, specific projects, leave of absence, and other limited-term needs. During temporary assignments, the employee is employed by the staffing agency.  Similar to contract-to-hire, when considering temporary labor, it is vital to touch on all terms beforehand, such as the specifics of the position, any necessary requirements needed by the candidate to satisfy the role, and length of time for the assignment. Read More…