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Here’s Why You Need a Warehouse Staffing Solution

Struggling to hire staff for your warehouse? Staffing challenges in the warehouse industry can be tackled with the right hiring strategy. In this post, we discuss the warehouse staffing landscape and the best way to keep the talent pipeline filled.

Why is hiring warehouse staff getting more and more difficult?

It’s not easy to attract workers to your warehouse anymore – here’s why.

  • Wage stagnation: Warehousing is among the industries with the worst wage stagnation. Nominal wage growth or a decrease in wages pushes workers to seek out better-paying jobs in other industries. Rising living costs are another factor prompting workers to quit and enter jobs that allow them a higher living standard.
  • A hot job market: Job seekers are having an easier time finding work in the current labor market. More opportunities are luring workers across industries. Warehouse workers that invested in higher education and pursued an associate degree or higher are better positioned to capture labor market opportunities.
  • Nature of job: Working in a warehouse affects workers’ physical and mental strength. Depending on the industry, warehouse workers can walk miles or stand for hours on the job each day. Concerns about working in an unsafe environment are also driving workers to explore the several other choices that lay before them.

Common warehouse staffing challenges

The warehousing industry faces a distinct set of staffing difficulties:

  • Hiring new staff: Due to meager wage growth in the warehousing and transportation industry, coupled with a thriving job market, companies are struggling to staff their warehouse to optimal levels. Seasonal surges during Christmas are expected to add to their woes.
  • Retaining staff: Warehouse jobs can be especially demanding in some industries, such as eCommerce, and less so in chemical manufacturing. Picker jobs can be grueling while lift truck drivers have an easier time. A perceived lack of safety or a belief that they’re being overworked can drive warehouse workers to quit, even give up on warehouse jobs altogether.
  • Acquiring the right talent: Warehouse managers cannot do the job of recruiters, leading to sub-optimal hiring decisions. Moreover, managers need to focus on their core responsibilities, and spending time and effort in hiring warehouse workers can affect their performance and your warehouse operations.

Benefits of using a warehouse staffing company

A company providing warehouse and light industrial staffing can help you plug the talent gap and meet seasonal surges in a stress-free manner. The staffing provider will offer their expertise and experience-backed insights to fine-tune your existing hiring strategy. The immediate benefits of partnering with an agency specializing in staffing for the warehouse industry are:

  • You can hire better-quality workers
  • You can hire quickly on-demand
  • You can more easily replace workers who quit
  • You can fill a variety of roles in your organization
  • You receive temporary and permanent staffing solutions
  • You can mitigate the risk of bad hires, and save money
  • You can meet your unique personnel requirements smoothly

An experienced warehouse staffing company can work with you to design a custom strategy that gives you an edge over competitors. With many years of experience in the staffing industry, Everest Recruiting is the leading provider you should join hands with to staff strategically and cost-effectively.

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