Why Taking on Temp Staff in Telecommunications Could Save You during COVID-19

Immediacy, Cost-Effectiveness, and More

According to a study by SHRM, since the COVID-19 pandemic erupted, 64% of Americans are now working remotely. This leaves the telecommunications industry with the astronomical responsibility of keeping everyone connected to be productive. Remote workers and businesses need:

  • Greater connectivity
  • Greater security
  • Greater communication and collaboration between remote teams

Meanwhile, different states, counties, and cities are fluctuating in their responses to the evolving environment. Businesses are in a constant state of flux. In such a fluctuating economy, how are you coping with managing your staffing levels for your telecoms business?

This article will help you understand why a staffing strategy that includes an element of temporary employees could help drive your company’s efficiency and effectiveness in the coming months. This will help your responsiveness to the rapidly-changing demands within the telecoms sector that we are experiencing.

Temp Employees Are Cost-Effective

Right now, for companies around the globe, getting the balance sheets right is a delicate business challenge, and requirements and demands on your business can easily lead to blown budgets.

Using a staffing agency to provide temp staff means you can adjust your staff scale according to your business needs. Because they are not permanent employees, your budget is not burdened with the large costs associated with full-time hires.

Recruiting is also a costly affair. According to Glassdoor, the average cost of recruiting a permanent employee is $4,000. And if that hire turns out to be a bad one, the costs balloon. When you hire temp employees, the staffing agency has vetted them. And you always have the option of offering a permanent contract.

Developing Flexibility

Ensuring your current and employed team do not become burned out due to staff shortages will reduce the risk of losing your top talent. Keeping your staffing topped up is crucial, but with temp staff you avoid blowing your budget, while responding to need as it occurs.

Using a staffing agency to have temp staff on hand enables voids to be filled immediately, while not being overstaffed if demand declines.

Temp Employees Are Highly Motivated

A hidden advantage of a temporary staff member is their recharged ambition. Temp staff enjoy exceptional work/life balance. They are ready to make a real difference, have experience from a variety of previous roles, and are generally quick learners.

They bring a breath of fresh air to your team, often energizing it with their enthusiasm. While their presence supports and motivates your team, they also contribute to lifting the weight of an approaching deadline or workload from the team’s shoulders. More (experienced) hands do, indeed, make light work.

Reducing Time and Money Spent on Recruiting

It takes on average 42 days to fill gaps in your staffing. That’s way too long for telecoms in today’s demanding climate for connectivity.

When you use a staffing agency to provide you with telecoms temp staff, you’re reducing a whole heap of legwork and lost time. No more sifting through resumes to find the most suitable and talented telecoms staff. No more pre-screening, vetting, certification checking, and reference checking.

When you work with a staffing agency, roles can be filled immediately. All paperwork will be available to hand, but this would all have been done for you.

There’s no time for your telecoms team to get left behind. And there’s no need. There are staff ready and waiting.

New possibilities

As you can see, temp staff are hugely beneficial to a telecoms organization. And because the best candidates have already been handpicked for you, there’s a likelihood that you’ll occasionally stumble across an individual you don’t want to let go of.

Having temp staff allows you to assess an individual and how they work within your culture, without obligating to employee benefits. If both you and your temp staff member feel there’s a professional match, the option is available to offer a permanent position. It’s a win/win for all.

Summing Up

If you’ve been losing sleep over how to manage with the current demands, upheaval, and responsibility placed on telecommunication businesses across America, then temp staff could be the answer for you, your team, your finances, and your business’s future.

Contact Everest today. We will help you meet your staffing requirements immediately.