A Brief Guide to Industrial Staffing

What You Should Know About Industrial Staffing


As you may be aware, staffing agencies provide crucial services to job seekers and companies looking to fill open positions. Those that connect industrial workers and companies operating manufacturing plants are industrial staffing agencies.

Why use an industrial staffing firm?

An industrial staffing firm helps you quickly fill positions in unskilled and skilled trades in your industry, whether that be manufacturing, transportation or construction. You offload some or all of your hiring needs to a specialized third party provider, which has the resources and proven systems to continuously find candidates for different roles in different industries.

Why is it easier find talent through an industrial staffing firm?

Staffing firms are job candidates’ ally, informing them about vacant positions, arranging interviews, and even assisting with resume writing. For a majority of temporary and contract employees in the industrial sector, staffing employment is a bridge to permanent employment. They use staffing firms to meet their career goals. In other words, staffing firms provide you with a pool of talent for your hiring needs.

What are the different types of industrial staffing?

There are three types of industrial staffing:

Temporary: An industrial staffing firm can place suitable candidates in temporary roles at your company. For example, additional staff at your factory during the holiday season to meet consumer demand.

Temp-to-hire: Companies use this staffing method to observe whether a temporary employee is a good fit and can be offered a full-time position.

Direct hire: If you want to add full time staff, an industrial staffing firm will vet candidates and connect you to those who meet the requirements in the role.

What positions can you fill through an industrial staffing firm?

A staffing firm specializing in industrial staffing can fill roles requiring light labor, such as cleaning and maintenance, and heavy labor, such as moving, material handling and storage. You should have no problem hiring for a variety of roles encompassing skilled and unskilled labor.

Can you find the right candidates through an industrial staffing firm?

Absolutely. An industrial staffing firm addresses the risks inherent in hiring, such as wrong fit, undesirable candidate background, or no authorization to work in the US. Candidates undergo a background check and those who fail them are automatically removed from the talent database.

Pre-employment screening is a major advantage of using an industrial staffing firm. You can save time and costs on creating or streamlining your in-house hiring process.

How much do industrial staffing companies charge?

Staffing agencies charge a percentage of the placed resource’s pay rate. The percentage is fixed, and based on the client’s location and the demand for the particular skill, among other factors.

How to attract quality candidates to your company?

Competitive wages, health insurance, vacation and holiday pay attract potential candidates. Retirement benefits, flexible work hours, and professional development work well as incentives in drawing job seekers to companies.

To avoid disappointments later on, make sure you create job descriptions that clearly state the responsibilities in those roles. It’s fine to state your USP as an employer so long as you’re honest about what you can provide.

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