jobs in manufactoring

Can a Staffing Agency Really Help You Find Jobs in Manufacturing?

jobs in manufactoring

Taking Your Job Search to the Next Level

Finding jobs in manufacturing is hard work in a highly competitive market, as the industry begins to recover from the pandemic.

In March 2021, U.S. manufacturing activity surged to a 37-year high, according to Reuters. Industry is booming, yet searching for manufacturing jobs that are right for you can be daunting. Partnering with a staffing agency can give you the advantage you need. Here’s how.

We Circumnavigate the Jobs Board Minefield

You want to land the best jobs in manufacturing, but heading onto a jobs board can leave you feeling swamped. Worse, the jobs you apply for may have received hundreds of other applications. Your skills could get lost in a sea of competition.

Getting in touch with a specialist agency like Everest Recruiting filters down the entire process. Here, we specialize in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies post their jobs with us to find the talented staff they need. Often, these jobs aren’t found on regular jobs boards. When speaking with you, our staffing specialists also have knowledge on the latest vacancies that match your ability and needs.

We Make Your Resume Application-Ready

A crucial document that’s hard to get right, the resume’s job is to get you an interview. But knowing what to include in it – and how to compose it – is a skill itself. We can provide expert resume advice to ensure your resume leaves a great first impression.

Your resume can be reviewed by a professional who knows exactly how to market your skills and professional history. We will make sure that it is concise and grammatically correct, enhancing your chances of landing an interview.

Once you’re resume-ready, we will use our experience to match you with a great vacancy at an employer who is perfect for you. This is when we present you as an excellent candidate.

We Coach You for the Interview

The invitation to interview makes you feel elated. But this feeling is diluted by nerves – you may have all the manufacturing skills required, but you’re in the 92% of Americans who get anxious about interviewing.

We’re on hand to give you step-by-step guidance on your upcoming interview, such as:

  • Information about the company
  • What makes the company who they are
  • What the company are looking for in their ideal candidate
  • Who the interviewer is, and their personality to help you connect with them
  • The questions you might be asked
  • Tips on how to nail the interview

There’s no need to walk into an interview room with no support – we are right behind you.

We Support You After You Are Hired

You got the job? That’s awesome. And guess what? We’re still here for you. We’ll help you obtain the best offer possible. But this is only for starters.

We strive to match you to jobs and companies for the long term, but we appreciate that sometimes things don’t work out. If this is the case, we act as a safety net and get back to searching for a more suitable placement.

We Can Provide Opportunities While You Are Job Searching

Specialist staffing agencies offer various contracts, from permanent placement, to temporary and contract-to-hire. You may not have set out to look for temporary jobs, but – as with contract-to-hire placements – these are great ways to:

  • Earn an income while continuing your job search
  • Learn new skills
  • Make new professional acquaintances
  • See first-hand what it’s like to work for a company
  • Open opportunities for a possible permanent role at the end of your contract

They’re win/win opportunities. The worst that could happen? You end the contract and we’re already lining up your next opportunity.

Put Your Foot on the Gas to Find Your Next Job in Manufacturing

Need we say more? In this article we’ve outlined all the support available to you in your bid to land the best jobs in manufacturing. From resume to placement and beyond, and all the communication in between, we’re here with the support, insight, expertise, and encouragement you need. What are you waiting for? Submit your resume to Everest Recruiting today.