How to Recruit the Best Talent into Your Manufacturing Jobs

The Recruitment Anomaly in Manufacturing

Recruiting for manufacturing jobs is currently proving surprisingly difficult, despite high unemployment. It makes no sense – or does it?

In 2018 a Deloitte-Manufacturing Institute study predicted that of the 4.6 million manufacturing job vacancies available over the next 10 years, less than half would be filled. The report indicated an ongoing skills shortage due to the wider use of A.I. and technology. Further research identified negative views of manufacturing, suggesting it is not as sexy or creative as other industries to possible new recruits.

Coronavirus has led to a huge increase in unemployment. However, according to Indeed, job advertisements are back to pre-pandemic levels and recent Labor Department data shows that vacancies are at a five-month high. So why is there still a recruitment anomaly for manufacturing?

ZipRecruiter has identified that due to coronavirus, workers are seeking remote working positions. Not great for employers looking to fill manufacturing jobs right now.

Here we outline some great tactics to help you find the people you need.

6 Hiring Tactics Post-Covid

Returning to in-person roles during the pandemic is causing fear in would-be employees. They need to know they will be safe and that their work will be covid-secure. Make sure you emphasize your safety measures at every given opportunity.

Here are our tips on getting that new pool of talent for your company.

1.     Find the Skills You Need in the Newly Unemployed

This is an exciting opportunity for you to look at talent that might have previously gone undetected. Tap into the range of newly available candidates on the market such as those from the hospitality sector. Invest in onboard training and recruiting from the ground up, starting with those usually hard-to-fill entry-level roles. Market job security, development, and progression within the industry to spark interest in your vacancies.

2.     Develop Your Talent Pipeline

As older recruits retire it makes sense to have younger recruits already in the pipeline to fill the gaps. Consider working with local trade programs to generate interest and source those eager to learn. Offer an apprenticeship scheme in conjunction with your local Education Partner, or a specific Apprenticeship Organization like the one here in California. Young people love the idea of being paid whilst learning on the job.

3.     Leverage Your Digital Channels

Use your digital presence to its fullest, identify your brand, and be curious about how the public sees you. Are you up with the times? Use your online presence to demonstrate the modern, thriving, fast-paced industry you are.

Think of it as exercising your ‘digital muscle’ and gaining followers or ‘interested parties’. Update your website – make it current and fresh. Use social media to bust outdated myths about the industry. Open forums for people to discuss related topics and ask questions. Engage with your future recruits.

4.     Reach out to Your Community

Develop relationships with diverse organizations; not just in the big cities, but in the smaller outreach towns, too:

  • Ex-military programs and charities (like Vetready) are a great place to connect with as they have pools of talent who have not yet identified their next role
  • Don’t forget the local universities and their recruitment days
  • You might also consider hosting a public recruitment event for all ages, and seek out the keenest candidates

There are many ways you can reach out in your communities – be creative, and you could achieve some amazing outcomes.

5.     Employee Referral Program

Set up an employee referral program for your existing employees. Research shows that new hires who have been referred by existing employees are among the most successful. Often, they stay with you longer, thus cutting the hidden cost of the hiring process. It stands to reason that your employees are probably hanging out with similar professionals, and that their friends and family are likely to be a good cultural fit.

Making the referral program a reward scheme gives employees a sense of investment and social responsibility for the business.

6.     Partner with a Specialized Staffing Agency

Engage with a specialized staffing agency. Note the word ‘specialized’ here. Build relations and let them get to know you and your company culture. They have a constant revolving door of new candidates who they get to know personally. The better they know your company, the easier they can put forward great-fit candidates.

A great specialized staffing agency will know your industry well and understand your needs in terms of skill base. They will pre-screen candidates, saving you time and money in the process.

A strong relationship with a staffing agency is like having a great wingmate – always there to cover your back and match you to the best talent available (including passive candidates for senior roles).

Accelerate Your Hiring in Manufacturing Jobs

Finding the best recruits for your manufacturing jobs is detailed and time-intensive work.

At Everest Staffing we have over 50 years’ experience in sourcing top talent – we know our job and we are good at it. Whether you are looking for contract hire, direct hire, or temporary staff, we can meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

Our diligent pre-employment screening program offers you reassurance of candidate employment history verification. We also check for criminal history, workers compensation claims, and employer sanctions.

The only question that remains is, what are you waiting for? Accelerate your hiring today and get your manufacturing vacancies filled.

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