How to Maintain a Staffing Plan for the Summer Season

Staffing after a Pandemic

Designing a Staffing Plan for the summer season has always been a challenge, but you pretty much had it nailed – and then COVID-19 hit.

There is no doubt the economy is starting to improve as restrictions are eased. In March, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employment increased by:

The problem now is that the staffing strategies that worked in 2019 no longer apply. With so much uncertainty still affecting the economy, you must adjust your approach.

2021 looks so different. Existing staff are likely to be burned out and certainly wanting to take time off. Others that may have been available to you have shifted their focus and are seeking other options in different industries. What are the key elements of a post-pandemic staffing plan?

Identify What Type of Staff You Need

Plan, plan, and plan again is what we say, but that is easier said than done in this unfamiliar territory. Understanding your choices is the right place to start.

Temporary Employees

Temp staff work for the duration of the time you need them.

They are employed by the staffing agency but assigned to you for a set time frame. Instances you might opt for a temp to cover include:

  • Unpredictable or erratic workloads
  • Specific project work
  • Seasonal trends
  • Leave of absence due to sickness, maternity, or paid time off

By partnering with an agency for temp staff, you can recruit quickly without any long-term commitment or the expense of permanent employees.

Gone are the days when temping was frowned upon. It is now the norm for people who need flexibility in their lives to choose this way of working permanently. We call them ‘professional temps’ and they usually love what they do.

Temp staff are highly flexible. Here at Everest, we maintain a pool of talent that is ready to be called upon for short-term contracts, helping you cover for unexpected events and seasonal demand.

There are two types of temporary employees:


A contract hire is employed on a short-term contract, often for up to six months though it can be longer.

Depending on the industry, this will be extra staffing for your busiest periods or to cover regular long-term absence. Typical roles for seasonal workers might include:

  • Receptionist
  • Food and Beverage Managers
  • Housekeeping
  • Supervisors
  • Floor Managers

Tip: Whilst it can be tempting to use the same job description each time for temporary positions, you should review this regularly. As your business changes, you want to make sure your agency meets your changing needs.


Another option open to you is contract-to-hire. This is a great way of testing a potential employee before offering them a full-time position.

Contract-to-hire allows you to get to know a candidate who may have interviewed well but doesn’t quite meet your experience requirements. Letting them learn on the job will tell you if they can become your ideal, good-fit recruit. They also get the opportunity to see if the job is what they idealized – it’s a win-win situation.

Flexibility Is Key for a Staffing Plan

It has been a truly unexpected 12 months for every business and the future remains uncertain. We believe that flexibility is the key for all industries this coming year as we find our feet again.

Staff returning to work in these uncertain times will be anxious about the future. The last thing they need is to be left overworked and under-supported. Making sure you have enough cover and employees to get the work done will ensure loyalty from your existing team. It’s up to you to maintain engagement and morale by making sure you plug any employment gaps.

Everest Recruiting

At Everest Recruiting, we embrace the flexibility that your business needs. We understand the fast pace and the importance of responding quickly and efficiently where staffing is concerned.

We know that even with the best staffing plan in the world things don’t always run smoothly.

At Everest, we get to know you, your business, and your team’s needs in detail. We know our candidates well and we pride ourselves on repeat staffing. We have a great pool of professional temps, people looking to contract, and those looking to leap into a new field permanently.

Contact us now to see what we can do to help you navigate these uncharted waters.